Episode 9: Grandparents, the Spice Girls, thistles and Supermarket Sweep

Welcome to one of our gayest episodes yet! Vintage Supermarket Sweep saved the show, and we talk everything from grandparents to Tesco's new vegan range, and from thistles being the new cactuses to couture, 

We also lament about the Spice Girls reunion and wax lyrical about a new chocolate brand we have fallen in love with. 

Also, the late, great Jackie Collins is our icon of the episode. Listen to hear about the time Simon went for tea with her... 

Episode 1: A warm welcome!

Big Mouth with Loyal & Glazin is here to entertain with all the camp one could ever need. Included in episode 1: being star struck, veganism, our current Top 10, the Choccie Review and our first ever Big Mouth Icon of the Episode. Enjoy!